Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Tuesday At Weston

The team of volunteers was back in action at Weston working on multiple jobs. Parts were painted, wood preservative was applied, sleepers were positioned and rails installed. Andy G was on hand with his camera to capture the action during the day.

We start at the southern end where sleepers and point components have been moved into position. You can see the general alignment has been marked out and the sleepers are being placed in position. Just in front of this section the point will be laid out using the switches already alongside the timbers. The point will be loosely assembled and adjusted before the chairs are finally screwed down.

Meanwhile Noel was getting to grips with the lamp posts, he was busy chipping away at old paint.
At the end of the day two rails were placed into the sleepers just before the bridge.  The alignment will need to be adjusted once the rest of the track has been completed.

Another good day of work by the volunteers. Thanks to Andy G for the pictures.

Until next time.

Thursday, 24 September 2020

Rails Over (Mordor) Morda

The Thursday gang were back in action at Weston installing the chairs on the new waybeams over the River Morda.

The chairs were placed in position and lined up with rails. The final screwing down still needs to be done once the connecting rails are in place so that the alignment can be confirmed.

Numerous other small jobs around the site were undertaken by the volunteers.  Many thanks to them and Andy G who took a quick picture of the rails heading over the Morda and onwards towards Middle Earth.

Until next time.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Clearing The Middle(ton) Section

The team of John, Paul, Nick and Norman were hard at work clearing the vegetation from the Middleton Road bridge section. About two thirds of the section was trimmed back and now presents a much tidier image to the users of the footpath alongside the railway.

Norman took a few pictures during the day showing the progress. We start at the northern end of the section next to Middleton Road road bridge.

The team worked along the line dealing with the vegetation and here they are approaching the halfway point between the two bridges.
The clearance is progressing well.
By the end of the day the view along the line had been opened up.

The work will continue over the weekend.

Thanks to the green fingered crew and to Norman for the pictures.

Until next time.

Friday, 18 September 2020

A Weston Thursday

After the rapid progress last week it was back to a normal working Thursday at Weston. Andy G took the following pictures of work that went on during the day.

We start at Oswestry where the Lomac was loaded with material that will be used at Weston. This picture is actually from Tuesday and hidden amongst the load are the lighting columns which will be located at Weston. Phil, Steve and Ian take a short breather from loading.  The Tuesday team also continued with painting the River bridge before tracklaying.

On Thursday down at Weston Steve watches as the JCB landscapes what will one day be platform 2. This will be seeded like the rest of the earthworks, Steve has done a quality job on the first part of the bank.
We have now moved to screwing down the northern point of the run round loop. Glyn drives in the screws as John and Dave give moral support.
As each screw goes in the team offers even more advice.
Glyn followed along the siding tidying up the ballast.

The station is now taking shape but there is still plenty of work to complete the first phase.

A thank you to Andy for the pictures and to the volunteers who are driving the project forward.

Until next time.

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Post Lockdown Haircut

Over the next few weekends there will be a concentrated effort to tackle the vegetation that has grown over the lockdown period.

This weekend is the turn of the section south from the Middleton Road bridge. Today Norman and the Thursday volunteers got a head start.

Norman took the following pictures showing the vegetation before work started and after the first day.  We start with a view looking north with the Middleton Road bridge and footbridge in the distance.

Looking the other way to Gasworks bridge you can see how much vegetation has grown along the track.
After the first day the area around the footbridge has had it's first trim.
The track is now visible. A lot better.

The work will continue over the weekend and will be followed up at various points along the line.

Thanks to all who braved the heat and to Norman for the pictures.

Until next time.

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Rubbing For Victory

The work on the Cl 101 DMU continues with the rubbing down of the bodywork and the stripping of the roof. Many hours of work have gone in to creating a flat surface for the primer and base coats of paint. After the team had left Guy managed to take a picture of the whole side showing just how much surface area there is and the current state of play.

Until next time.

Monday, 14 September 2020


The team at Llynclys are proceeding withe the restoration of the bodywork of the vehicles. 

Under the good weather a start has been made of stripping the roof.  Until you stand up on the roof you don't appreciate just how much surface area there is. If the choice is between cutting the lawn or stripping a roof I might even be tempted to cut the lawn as it's only half of a carriage roof.

Whilst the weather permits it's a good chance to sand back an re primer to ensure the right surface finish.
Sanding away reveals other clues as to the units past life.

Many thanks to CHR for the pictures. There is still plenty of preparation work before the exterior can be painted. The work will carry on so that we can return these units to pristine condition to welcome our passengers.

Many thanks for the donations to assist with the restoration.

Until next time.