Monday, 19 July 2021

Weston Touches

The team has been continuing to tick off the jobs as we move closer to the opening of the Weston extension.

Andy G was on hand with his camera to catch some of the latest goings on 

First we catch Dave R preparing the embankment for grass seeding with four volunteers watching and reminding him to keep the seeds in line. We do want to make a good impression on our customers.

Ian and Noel prepare the Mermaid wagon for the party by giving her a brush up.
John wisely moves to a safe distance whilst the wagon gets a clean.
The walkway from platform to the services was moved into position. This enables direct access from the platform to the toilets, very handy for young and old.

Here is the walkway in its final position. This can be moved out of the way when access is required to the inside of the goods shed.

There is still plenty of work to go but we are getting closer to opening. Thanks to all for the hard work and to Andy G for the photos.

Until next time.

Saturday, 10 July 2021

Oswestry Station

As we prepare to open again for the public it's the vegetation clearance team have been busy through the platform roads at Oswestry. Colin took a few pictures to show the progress.

We start looking along the platform road, the vegetation has been cleared and various items useful (and not!) we're found along the line 

The centre road has has a good clean up snd the down platform base hashad a haircut.
The bags of vegetation were later collected for disposal.
And in the area still to be tackled we can see som buried treasure!

Many thanks to all of the team and to Colin for the pictures.

Until next time.

Monday, 14 June 2021

Coach Update and Ballasting The Siding

Preparatory work continues and thanks to CHR Facebook we can take a look at the heritage coaches. The two coaches were restored by the C&W team and are a delight to see.

Here you can see the high standard of restoration of the interior.
Here the coaches are at the station platform in Oswestry receiving a thorough clean and inspection.

Down at Weston with the tracklaying complete it was time to drop ballast on the siding. This was done using reclaimed ballast that has been processed by the screener.

Andy G was on hand as the process was carried out the took the following pictures.

The works train starts dropping ballast pat the point for the siding. 

The doors are regulated to allow the correct quantity of ballast to be dropped either side of the rails.
Slowly but surely the hopper wagon is moved forwards and begins to ballast the siding.
Here we see the train reach the end of the siding.
Here is the empty hopper at the end of the refuge siding.
With the work completed the train sets off back to Oswestry.

Thanks to Andy and CHR for the photos.

Until next time.

Thursday, 10 June 2021

Mid June Update

Due to a house move the updates are a bit late and disjointed. 

Here are some of the goings on during the early part of June. Andy G and Guy N are the photographers.

The refuge siding has been lengthened and the stop block installed. Andy G's photos cover the work.

Here the cross beam is being installed.
Back at Oswestry Guy took a picture showing the new station sign. There are also further information panels along the platform.
Back at the siding the cross beam is bolted in position.
Previously the uprights had been installed and bolted to the rails.
The new stop block us seen here from a passing Pacer undergoing trails and training runs.
Before the block was installed the siding was lengthened by a further two panels.
Here the final panels are being laid out.
Before the rails are swung into position.
Further along the line excess material is gathered up and placed on the flat wagon.
There is plenty of material to collect, mostly old chairs from the old wooden sleepers.
At black meadow crossing the finishing touches are being applied.
Here the cattle boards have been installed and the fencing completed.

At the end of the working day the tools are gathered up in the toolbox and swung onto the flat so that the crane can return to base.

Many thanks to Guy and Andy for the photos.

Until next time 

Saturday, 22 May 2021

Weston From The Air

Thanks to Les W here are a few recent shots from the air of Weston station.

We start looking south with the now complete track layout comprising from the left the run round loop, running line and sidings.

Looking north we see the running line heading towards Oswestry.

The next view shows the goods shed and platform.

Here we have an aerial view of the works train waiting at the platform.

Next we take a glimpse towards the level crossing on the A483. 

Finally a lovely view of Weston station from South of the road bridge.

Many thanks to Les for taking the time to fly the drone and share the pictures

Until next time.

Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Rain Never Stops Play

Even though the weather decided to moisten the ground it was business as normal on Tuesday as work proceeded on the refuge siding. The objective was to lengthen the siding by adding in extra track panels.

Photographers Andy G and Phil L share the honours this week for the pictures.

Phil starts us off by showing the places that the volunteers shelter from the rain. Andy and Martin are under the rear overhang of the excavator whilst Steve prefers the comfort of a plastic bag.

From his hiding place Andy shows us how the rain fell and fell.
Eventually it eased off enough to continue with tracklaying. Here the second rail is about to be moved into position.
As the siding extended south towards the equator the sun came out, the extra distance made all the difference. The rail is being keyed into place.
The team continued south moving the wooden sleepers and rails into position with the Road Rail Crane. A most useful piece of equipment.
The final rail of the day is fishplates up and it's time to head back to base.
All of the tools are loaded away in to the toolbox and the RRC heads back to Weston.
Ian and Steve have a look at what has been achieved during the day before the walk back to Weston and a warm and dry mess room.

Another good days work on the railway as we edge closer to reopening.

Thanks to all who braved the early storms and to photographers Andy and Phil.

Until next time.

Friday, 14 May 2021

Thursday's Arrival

The Thursday Gang were treated to a new arrival and continued with the assembly of the point. Andy G captured the goings on with his trusty camera.

First up was a trolley to go with the road rail crane. This is a new acquisition that can couple directly to the crane and adds an extra dimension to our capabilities. 

The trolley is carefully lowered to the rails, ready for action.
The crew take a look at the new mobile tea shelf and think it might also be right for resting the butties on as well.
Now the team are working out where to put the spring for the new jack-in-a-box novelty attraction... Noel is not that sure this is a good idea but has taken up position in the box. Actually this was our makeshift mobile toolbox and Noel is fishing out those small tools that were hard to reach.
Back to work on the point and the next piece of the jigsaw is assembled
Looking towards Weston you can see the point is now mostly in place.
By the end of the day the point looks complete but there is still plenty of work in lining up the parts and then screwing the chairs in their correct places.

Another good day of progress, thanks to all who helped and to Andy G for the pictures.

Until next time.